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Power Surges Can Cause Major Damage

Today, so much of what we rely on is electronic. We not only use these electrical devices all day, every day, but we have to constantly plug them in for charging so we can use them on the go. Our computers typically run non-stop and contain more than just documents too. Oftentimes, many of our precious memories, such as pictures, are stored on these devices. While most of us do back up our important systems, documents, programs and pictures, a power surge can easily wipe out the equipment that holds it all for us. Power surges at your place of business can actually cause devastating effects and ruin very expensive equipment. If you are not protecting yourself from the possible damage of power surges, you are leaving yourself wide open to complete electrical ruin.

Power surges can be maintained by installing power surge protector strips throughout the home or office. However, if you are not there during a massive storm or accident that results in a power surge to your home or office, you still are leaving yourself open to potential damage. Plus, multiple power surge protection strips all over the place can be unsightly in the home and the office. Power strips lying all around can be dangerous in themselves as people tend to overload the strips, plugging in cords over top of each other. While you need protection, you also want to feel good about that protection and secure that it will work against all odds.

Whenever a power surge does occur and disrupts the electrical components of all of your systems, you may have to file a claim with your homeowners insurance or business insurance. This can actually affect your premiums and leave you with a bigger insurance bill each and every month. Paying more money to cover the cost of damage, whenever a small investment of a whole home surge protector would give you permanent protection, just doesn’t add up.

Before you rely on multiple power surge protection strips or no surge protection at all, you may want to give Lon Lockwood Electric a call and see what is new on the market in the ways of power surge protection. When the elements and the power surges that can cause so much damage are completely unstoppable and unpredictable, you have to take the steps to protect yourself. Call Lon Lockwood Electric and see for yourself how affordable and simple that protection may be.