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Protect Your Home From Ice Dam Buildup With Heat Tape

If you have had ice dams invade your home and wreak havoc on your attic space or on your ceiling, you may have a serious problem on your hands. Ice dams are a problem for any structure because they can literally compromise the integrity of that structure if left unchecked. Not only are the stains from water damage unsightly, they may very well be a signal of something much worse on the other side. Ignoring any damage from ice dams is not the answer ever. Once you see any sign that ice dams have formed and compromised your home or office, you have no choice but to take steps to prevent further damage and deal with the problem at hand.

An ice dam becomes a problem because of the constant changes that go on on top of your roof. The snow and ice melts, refreezes and melts again. While you can’t do anything to change the course of nature, simply ignoring it is where the problem lies. If you have heat tape installed on your roof, then you can essentially control the dispelling of the water and prevent future damage. However, if you do not have heat tape on your roof, then that constant shift in melting and refreezing causes water to leak into your eaves and into your home. The leaks cause extensive damage and only serve to increase your initial problem of ice dams on the roof.

Aside from the damage inside to your ceilings and behind walls, ice dams affect the safety of your roof. Having long icicles hang down because of the status of the melting snow and ice compromise your gutters overall and can be dangerous for people coming and going from your home. Many people are injured each year by falling icicles and there is most certainly the potential for serious injuries. If you are a homeowner and a visitor is injured from a falling icicle on your property, the door to many problems may very well be opened as you can be held liable for their injuries.

While many never stop to really think about the status of their roof unless there is a blatant leak or loss of part of the roof, doing all you can to prevent ice dam buildup is a necessary step to protecting your home, your family and all you have worked for. Call us today for the protection you deserve!