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Risking Electrocution in the Name of Science

When we see pictures of Ben Franklin in history books or even the cartoon versions he usually has his glasses on the tip of his nose is balding, and is a little on the round side. However, don’t let his mild and grandpa-like look fool you as to what the man was really like.

He risked more than just getting wet in the rain when he did the Great Kite Experiment he is most famous for. He really risked his life, all in the name of proving there were electrical charges he could harness somehow. He wanted to prove the existence of this “electrical fluid” as he called it back then.

Luckily for us all, he was insulated and his end of the string was dry. This put him out of the path of conduction. He would have been electrocuted if he hadn’t have taken these steps. It is a little known fact that others tried this same experiment and they were electrocuted in the process – proving just how dangerous electricity can be. Just think of what would have happened if he had gotten electrocuted?

While he did risk electrocution with the kite experiment, he opened the door to using electricity the way we do today. Plus, his risk serves to remind everyone that anytime there is an electrical issue, call a professional. Never try to handle an electrical repair Rochester NY home problem yourself.