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Risks of Heat Tape

Heat tape is the safe and easy way to deal with winter snow and ice buildup. However, as with anything electric, heat tape has its risks. That’s why your electrician Pittsford NY wants to help you be aware of dangers to keep yourself safe from harm.

Heat tape needs to be installed by an electrician. There may be sites out there and advertisers who say it is easy to do on your own. However, since it involves electricity, Only an electrician should handle anything that has to do with your electrical system. Trying to install it yourself and then use it can lead to shocks or worse. Let the experts from Lon Lockwood (electrician Pittsford NY) evaluate your electrical system and devise a plan of action to install heat tape.

Aside from the use of electricity, trying to install heat tape on your own can be physically dangerous. Climbing up on top of a roof for any reason can be a recipe for disaster. The risk of slips and falls is just too great. One wrong move or a second of losing your footing can lead to an emergency room visit. Just losing your grip and grasping at gutters or other parts of the roof can lead to more damage than you may expect. Thinking you can simply climb up and steady yourself on a ladder and chip away at ice dams isn’t an ideal way to deal with winter next year either.

The ideal way to minimize damage to your property or damage to yourself is to invest in heat tape; then let an expert install it. Lon Lockwood Electric can install heat tape safely and without any risk to your property. Once the weather takes a turn for the worse and the first snow falls next year, it will be too late to install heat tape. Make it a point to find out more information now and be prepared sooner rather than later. Call Lon Lockwood Electric (an electrician Pittsford NY) and let us help you ensure a safe winter next year.