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Some Sure Signs You May Have A Problem With Ice Dams

If you have noticed water damage in your attic or have seen water stains on the walls upstairs, you may have an ice dam issue. Another sure fire to tell if ice dams are a problem that you need to address as soon as possible is if you have unusually long icicles hanging from your roof throughout the winter. If any of these warning signs are present in your home, you need to find a solution for your ice dam problem and the sooner, the better. If you do not seek a solution to ice dam leaks and damage, you are throwing away money as you will most certainly have to pay more in the future to fix the roof, the ceilings underneath and even the walls upstairs.

The best solution for ice dams and the most preventative measure you can take is to have heat tape installed. Heat tape is the ideal solution because it is simple, inexpensive and it works better than other options. Heat tape works to evenly heat the buildup of ice and snow in a controlled manner. Heat tape controls the melt so there is no buildup of ice and water that can even begin to cause damage. Once installed by a professional, it can be easily utilized by the flip of a switch and it goes to work protecting your home without you having to do anything. You will never have to take matters into your own hands and make the dangerous climb to the roof to scrape or shovel off excessive snow and ice. You will never have to worry about massive icicles falling and injuring a family member or visitor. You can simply sit back and know the situation on your roof is being handled safely and effectively.

Heat tape is not only the perfect solution because it is affordable and effective, but it simply makes sense to get a grip on the ice buildup. Even if you have not yet experienced the amount of damage that can occur from even a small leak of water, you should invest in heat tape for your roof. The weather in the Rochester area can be incredibly unpredictable and it isn’t always safe or effective to think you can climb up on a roof and take care of the problem yourself. For the best protection against the problems ice dams can cause, turn to the installation of heat tape as your solution. Call us today for any questions or instillation needs you have!