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Summer Lighting Trends for 2018

Lighting has gone through some major overhauls in the last couple of years and this year is no exception. LED technology has basically taken over and eliminated incandescents from the picture and fixtures and bulbs alike have changed drastically, for the better!

Whether you prefer to spend your summer days relaxing out back or would rather avoid the sun and stay cool inside the house, there’s lighting trends for everyone to enjoy:

Vintage-Style Bulbs

Notice an increase in usage of those Edison-style light bulbs lately? They first hit the scene in restaurants and nightclubs, but they’re making their way into homes across the country.

Vintage-style bulbs offer a unique aesthetic and can really transform the look and feel of just about any room of the house (or area of the yard).

And best of all…

There are dozens of models on the market that can be controlled by voice via Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomePod.

Smaller Lights, Same Great Output

Back in the day, you needed a large fixture and a large bulb if you wanted a lot of light. Today, that’s not the case.

Ultra-efficient LED downlights are taking the world by storm with their smaller fixture size and same great output.

Outdoors, Meet Indoors

For those who prefer to stay inside in the air conditioning during the summer months, but still want the effect of natural sunlight, you’re in luck. Companies have designed indoor lights to match the color and intensity of natural sunlight.

Industry leaders are expecting these types of systems to be utilized in corporate settings first, but anticipate this technology making its way into homes in the very near future.

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