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The Proper Way To Hang Pendant Lights

large kitchen in home with lighting fixtures hanging over kitchen islandWhen it comes kitchen lighting, nothing screams great style, beautiful decor and functionality like a set of ceiling-mounted light fixtures. The right lighting in the kitchen is often overlooked and trust us when we say it can make all the difference. See below to find out how to install pendant lights properly – and you’re not confident doing it yourself, you can always give the experts at Lon Lockwood a call!

  • First and foremost, you’ll want to make sure the electrical power to the circuit you’re working on is turned off. Then you can go ahead and remove the wall switches.
  • Find out where you’re going to get power from. Are there wires nearby that you can use to feed the new pendants?
  • Once you find the wire, feed it up through the wall and across the ceiling to where you will be hanging the lights. Remember to run a wire through the switch box so you can turn the lights on and off.
  • Drill a small pilot holes through the ceiling where you have the spots marked for the fixtures. Then use a hole saw to cut through the ceiling for the pancake box.
  • Then run the wires through the pancake box in the ceiling for each pendant.
  • Last, connect each wire and mount the base of the fixture to the box.

Flip the switch a voila! You now have a bright, functional kitchen that you’ll love spending time in.

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