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Top Six Holiday Decoration Safety Tips For The Home

Don’t even think about decking the halls before reading up on some holiday decorating safety tips. “But it’s common knowledge,” you might be thinking. Well, you’d be surprised at how many people injure themselves quite severely each year simply because they were careless when it came time to decorate the outside of their homes for the holidays.

Plan Before You Prettify

  • Take inventory of where your outdoor electrical outlets are located. This is how you should plan your display in order to avoid overloading outlets.

  • Look over all of your strands of lights to make sure they’ve been tested for safety. How will you know? Keep an eye out for certification marks from UL, CSA, ETL or any other nationally-recognized laboratory.

  • There’s more to it than just checking the strings of lights. It’s also vital to check for damaged sockets and loose wires.

  • There should be a note on the packaging regarding how many strings of lights you can connect. Most of the time it’s three or less.

Decorate With Discretion

  • Have power lines running through your property? It’s not a good idea to place any decorations within 10 feet.

  • Never use a metal wire to hang electrical decorations as metal conducts electricity. We recommend using wooden or fiberglass ladders instead.

  • Remember to unplug all decorations before you go to sleep each night. If you think you may forget, it’s best to put them on a timer.

  • Use hooks or electrical tape to hang decorations rather than using staples. If you must use staples or nails, avoid driving them through electrical wires or extension cords.

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