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USB Outlets Are The Solution For All Of Your Electronic Devices

The world we live in is increasingly becoming more and more electronic and mobile. Virtually everyone in the household has some kind of electronic device that needs electricity. All of those devices need charged on a regular, if not daily basis. When everyone in the home needs to charge a phone, an MP3 player, a tablet, an electronic reading device or anything else they have and use on a daily basis, free outlets can be hard to come by. Even in the newest Rochester area homes, there are only so many outlets in a room.

Many people find they are constantly unplugging one device or electrical appliance to plug in something else and a never-ending cycle of plugging and unplugging begins. People may also have to constantly plug their phones and other devices into the home computer or laptops too. This shortage of outlets and shortage of places to charge what you need charged can be absolutely aggravating and lead to all out wars over outlets near the television or over whose turn it is to plug their phone into mom’s laptop for updating and charging. The way outlets are designed in homes simply hasn’t caught up with the way our mobile devices and lives have advanced over the last few years.

Plus, with the increase in use of mobile devices that need charged all over the house comes the need for people to spread out to use them all. If someone’s phone is charging in the bedroom, after they have unplugged the lamp that is, chances are they are nearby waiting for it or so they can still use it. If someone needs to use a laptop to charge things also, they too may be out of sight from the rest of the family. Wanting everyone together, especially children, using devices in the same room where adults can keep a close eye on what they are doing is virtually impossible with the standard number and type of outlets that exist in the typical living room or family room.

In order to get everyone and their devices fully juiced and together, there has to be a different way other than stringing extension cords, surge protectors and multiple laptops all together while everyone sits on the couch. As the way we live and communicate changes drastically over the last few years, so will the way our homes are built and how we design the power outputs and outlets in our homes.

We have a solution to all of this and it’s simply a USB port installed right next to any of the other electrical outlets in your home. Give us a call today to schedule your install!