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Weather the Storm With a Portable Generator

Severe storms can pop up without notice during the summertime and let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than losing power. Not only are you left in the dark, but the air conditioner won’t work either and with the extreme heat we’ve been faced with we all know how miserable that can be.

But unlike your neighbors, you don’t have suffer when bad weather strikes. Portable generators are here to make your life easier and safer.

How? Find out below:

  • Keep the lights on rather than burning candles
  • Turn on the TV to find out about special alerts and news updates
  • Prevent food from spoiling in the refrigerator
  • Run the air conditioner to keep cool
  • Charge cell phones to keep in touch with family members
  • Mobile and won’t take up much space

While generators can be a HUGE help during a major storm, they can become a serious hazard if used improperly. Be sure to follow all manufacturer’s instructions, know the wattage limitations of your machine and don’t use stale or contaminated gasoline.

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