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What Can Happen If Ice and Water Goes Unchecked?

During the Rochester area winters, it is not uncommon to drive around and see snow piled up on roofs and long, menacing icicles dangling from edges and gutters. While it may give the area a winter wonderland kind of look, it can also spell danger and damage.

When those storms pile on week after week, it gets downright unsafe to handle the job of snow and ice removal from the roofs on your property all alone. However, not dealing with it all can lead to much bigger and much costlier problems. As the storms pile on, the snow allows for a layer of ice to build up between the layer of snow and the shingles on your roof. As this layer builds up, it also melts and refreezes on a regular basis. The amount of sunlight your roof gets in the winter can directly affect how much melting and refreezing may be occurring, along with the weather pattern of course. This layer of ice and water simply leads to trouble. It can, and most likely will, damage shingles. It can also leak down into the eaves and get directly into your home. This may even go unnoticed as the water is slowly damaging your shingles and plaster. This can lead to mold and other issues. It can also compromise the life of your roof, your materials between your walls and your ceilings. While it can be difficult to detect, it should never be ignored.

Your roof and the materials that make up your home are costly. Once ice dam damage has happened, it can be a budget buster to fix. New roofs simply are never a cheap investment. However, preventing the damage in the first place is the most economical, safe and effective defense. There are many options for dealing with the problems of ice dams and water damage. Contact Lon Lockwood Electric to find out what options there are and how much safer those options are over climbing up and brushing off ice and snow yourself.