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What is Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting?

exterior lighting installed on walkway of a house

Why say goodbye to your home’s gorgeous curb appeal just because the sun goes down? Keep it shining well into the night with low-voltage landscape lighting. Not only will it help to show off your beautiful architecture and landscaping, it also provides an added layer of security without breaking the bank.

What is Low-Voltage Lighting?

If you didn’t already know, the standard voltage of your home’s electrical system is 110. Low-voltage means the system is reduced all the way down to 12 volts, crazy right? So, how does this all happen? A transformer is used to cut back on the amount of volts going through the system which means more money in your wallet!

What is a Transformer?

Just to be clear, transformers are not included with any type of landscape lighting kits. If you wish to turn your outdoor lighting into a low-voltage system, you must be sure to choose a transformer that works with the needs of your lighting system. This is where the experts at Lon Lockwood Electric come in – we’ll help you find the best transformer for your yard!

There are lots of ways to make your property shine after the sun goes down. Lighting can be use to brighten up the driveway, walkway, front porch, back patio, deck or even the flower beds! Skip the hassle of trying to install them on your own and let the pros at Lon Lockwood Electric take care of the project for you.

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