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When Does Your Electrical System Really Need An Upgrade?

You flip the switch and the lights turn on. You flip it again and they turn off. You press the button on the remote and the TV turns on. You press it again and it turns off. All of this means your electrical system is working just fine, right? Well, not necessarily. So then if there’s not always a blatant sign that something is wrong, how can you tell if your home’s wiring system needs an upgrade? Find out below:


Unfortunately, electrical systems are not like fine wine – they don’t get any better with age. In fact, they get worse over time. Not only can wires wear out or break down, your family’s power needs are much more demanding that what they were 40+ years ago. Keep that in mind as your home gets older and older.

Type of Wiring

Back in the day, we’re talking in the 1960s and 1970s, many homes were built using aluminum wiring. Today, this type of wiring is considered a major safety hazard as aluminum wiring connections tend to loosen up over time. If you still have aluminum wiring in your home, it’s definitely time for an upgrade.

Power Consumption

For lots of today’s technology, homes require at least 200 amps. This is standard for items like air conditioners, flat-screen TVs, computers and video game consoles. If your lights dim every time you turn on your appliances or electronic devices, you need more power and therefore, it’s time to upgrade.

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