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When it Comes to Security Lighting, Rochester Based Lon Lockwood Electric Can Hook You Up!

At Lon Lockwood Electric, we do so much more than rewire a room or professionally wire your new addition. We are also the area’s leading experts when it comes to security lighting Rochester area homes and businesses find most helpful, affordable and aesthetically pleasing.

If you have not already had security lighting installed around your Rochester area home or business, now is the perfect time to do it. There is virtually no reason not to. It is proven that homes and businesses that have security lighting outside are less likely to the vandalized or robbed. Aside from obviously protecting your property, the correct security lighting Rochester homes and businesses find most helpful can give you peace of mind like nothing else. Just knowing that if someone drives up your driveway or lane or walks up to your property a light will instantly alert you can make you feel more protected and relaxed while in your home. Being able to close up your business and know that if anyone lurks around the storefront or the backdoor, a light will let them know their presence has been seen will make you feel a whole lot better leaving the business each day.

Aside from the safety and peace of mind security lighting Rochester homes and businesses have installed provides, the lighting we handle at Lon Lockwood Electric can be pleasing to look at. Security lighting does not have to entail huge or bulky looking spotlights that blind your neighbors when they walk up. Security lighting we can install around your home can be flattering and enhance the landscaping you may have invested a lot of money in. It can strategically highlight the pathways to your door, accent the garden flowers or yard sculptures you have or it can help you show off that elaborate front porch, making your home not only the safest, but the best looking property on the block.

Our professionals can help you plan out exactly what you want from your security lighting, from the design, the function and the overall look it will give your home or business. We can help you decide on a budget and give you an idea as to how much security lighting Rochester homes and businesses use cost each month to operate. Whether you are sure of what you want or you are just beginning to think how to best protect and highlight your home, let Lon Lockwood Electric professional electricians handle the job from start to finish.