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Where Should I Place My Home Security Cameras?

You’ve probably heard “location, location, location,” when it comes to buying a home or condo, right? Well, the same principle holds true for home security. In 2015, the FBI reported the total value of stolen property was upwards of $12 million and if you don’t have your security cameras in the right spots, you might add to that statistic this year.

The Basics

For starters, you should install your security cameras by the front door, back door and first floor windows. Sounds pretty obvious right? It is. But these are the first places an intruder will try so make sure you’ve got these areas of the house covered.

Where and How Should I Place My Cameras?

Now the question of where exactly and how exactly should I place my security cameras comes into play.

Start by placing them above door and window frames on the outside of the house facing downward so that the camera is angled a few feet in front of the window or door. This will give you a good idea of who’s lurking around your property.

Pro Tip: if you decide to place your cameras on the outside of the house, make sure they’re weatherproof.

You also have the option of placing the cameras on the inside of the house, facing outward. This way, you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged by the elements and it eliminates the risk of a burglar breaking them or putting a towel or blanket over them before he or she makes a move.

In either case, we recommend placing them at least 9 feet above the ground. This makes it difficult for anyone under 6 feet tall to smash them or cover them without the use of a ladder or step stool (and have you ever seen a burglar carrying a ladder around?).

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