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Why Aren’t My Outdoor Lights Turning On?

Ever flip on a switch for an outdoor light only to realize it won’t turn on? It’s easy to put the blame on the elements outside, but believe it or not, it’s usually not the weather that caused the problem. More often than not, it’s a simple fix that most homeowners can tackle on their own. See below to find out why your outdoor lights aren’t turning on:

Physical Damage To The Fixture:

  • First, look for any signs of physical damage. Replace the fixture if you notice severe damage.
  • If physical damage is present, check the wiring and connections.
  • Check the switch and the outlet for damage as well.

Bad Light Bulbs:

  • Check the wire filament – sometimes they break which can cause the light to go out.
  • Make sure the light bulb is the correct size and type. LEDs and halogen lamps typically work best outside.
  • Double check the recommended wattage or lumens. If the light bulb is too powerful for the fixture, it could cause severe problems.

Tripped Circuit

  • Head over to the circuit panel and look for any circuits that may have flipped.
  • If no circuits seem to be flipped, it may be a fault breaker or blown fuse.
  • It’s best to call in an electrician to take a look if you can’t seem to identify the issue right away.

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