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Why Aren’t My Outdoor Lights Turning On?

It’s a major frustration when you flip your light switch to find out your lights won’t turn on. Several issues could cause your outdoor lights to not work properly. Most aren’t weather-related and are a simple fix you can tackle on your own.

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Common Reasons Your Outdoor Lights Aren’t Turning On

Large home with outdoor lighting turned on at dusk.Several problems can cause faulty outdoor lights. Most of the issues have simple fixes without needing to call a professional; however, if you attempt the following fixes and your outdoor lights still won’t turn on, avoid additional safety risks and call a professional electrical company.

Damage to the Fixture

Inspect the light fixture for physical damage, remove debris, and check wire connections and screws to ensure all are properly intact. Use caution when inspecting the fixture, staying away from the hot part of the equipment.

The Lightbulb Is Burnt Out

Light bulb on white table with white background.Check the lightbulb to ensure it’s securely fastened, and the wire filament is intact. Ensure your fixture has the correct size, type, and wattage lightbulb. While the wattage and size depend on your fixture, the type of lightbulb for outdoor lighting should be halogen or LED.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

Hand holding a flashlight up to an electrical panel.Head over to your circuit box and check the circuits. If there are any flipped circuits, that could be a reason the outdoor lights aren’t working. You could have a blown breaker or fuse if you don’t see any flipped. With circuit issues, you should contact an electrician immediately to ensure proper safety measures are taken.

Tripped Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

When rain or storms happen, water can leak into your outlets and trip your breakers. As a safety precaution, the power in your home will shut off. The best way to ensure your outdoor outlets don’t get flooded is to install waterproof covers over the outlets.

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