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Why You Need To Switch To LEDs

If you haven’t made the switch to LED light bulbs you need to do so right away! Why? Some of the most recent advancements in technology have caused prices to drop and functionality to skyrocket. Still not convinced?

See more below:

  • Save money now and over time: For around $10 per bulb, you can upgrade to the most efficient lighting technology. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, you can save $75 per year on energy bills if you outfit five of your most frequently used fixtures with Energy Star bulbs.
  • Do you need to give something up?The answer is, no. New LED lights look and light like incandescents. They are available in a variety of lumens which are made to replace standard watt bulbs. Many LED bulbs also come with a dimmable option and they’ll work with your current dimmers.
  • They’ll make your life easier: Have you hopped on the smart home bandwagon? You can control most LED lights directly from your smartphone or tablet over Wi-Fi. Now you can turn lights off once you leave your home and turn them back on before you return home.

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