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3 Reasons Why Inexpensive Chargers Aren’t Worth It

Your charger has seen better days. The wires are frayed, it’s got nicks and dings all over it and it flat out won’t charge your device any longer. So you go on the internet to search for a replacement and find one at an unbelievable price. You don’t recognize the name of the brand, but it’s so cheap it’s worth a shot, right? WRONG.

Whether it’s a replacement mobile phone charger, a laptop charger or any other type of charger for an electronic device in your home we know how tempting it can be to go for an off-priced option. While it may seem like a good idea at the time, we strongly recommend choosing a name brand charger even though it might cost a few more dollars.

Why? It’s not because we like to see you spend extra money, it’s for a few very good reasons:

  • Counterfeit products illegal.
  • They can do some major damage to your devices.
  • Most of them aren’t tested to make sure they meet safety requirements and have a tendency to overheat.

The result? A damaged battery, a broken device or worse, an electrical fire.

Since counterfeits are more sophisticated than ever before, they can be difficult to spot. Be on the lookout for “no returns or refunds” policies, products that come without proper packaging, and check to see if the product you are looking to buy has been recalled or has been in the news for other reasons.

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