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4 Simple Ways to Cut Back on Energy in 2017

The average United States family spends nearly $2,200 each year on home utility bills. That sounds quite high especially when you think of all the other things you can do with that amount of money. Make it a goal of yours in 2017 to reduce your energy consumption and put that money in the bank – or at least spend it on things you enjoy doing!

Give Your Dishwasher A Rest – instead of loading it up with dishes and running cycles multiple times per day, wash them by hand and let them air dry a few times per week. If you insist on using the dishwasher, be sure to only turn it on when it’s completely full.

Take It Easy On Your Washer & Dryer – the same suggestion for the dishwasher holds true for the laundry room as well. Only turn your machines on when you’ve got a full load and try air drying your clothes. Not only will it save energy, it can help prevent shrinkage.

Invest In A Power Strip, And Use It – rather than plugging each individual electronic device in your house into a separate outlet, plug a few of them into a power strip. This is an easy way to flip one switch and turn all of your devices off while they’re not in use. Remember, when it comes to saving electricity every little bit counts.

Look For The Energy Star Label – whether you’re buying new light bulbs, appliances, electronics or anything in between it’s always a smart idea to stick with Energy Star products. They meet strict efficiency guidelines and some even have rebates available.

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