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As Technology Changes Your Needs Change Too

As times change, technology changes also. As technology changes, so does the power needs of the average household. Lon Lockwood Electric is the Rochester area electronic experts who can help you and your household adapt to those changes. At Lon Lockwood Electric, we are able to install the latest electrical solutions to your newest problems.

One problem and solution we are on the cusp of is how to get the most out of the outlets you have. Older and even newer homes in the Rochester area are built and constructed with a certain number of outlets per room and per foot of wall space. However, so many of our devices that we have come to rely on need powered and need charged on a near-daily basis. Many people turn to using the USB ports on their home computer or laptops to charge phones, tablets or other devices. This can become troublesome when everyone in the house wants to charge something and you want everyone in the house in the same room, especially children with their devices. Lon Lockwood is on the cutting edge of the perfect solution for Rochester area home owners—it is the USB outlet.

USB outlets are the perfect way to free up outlets and still be able to use a USB port in the wall to charge everything you need. The USB outlets have two ports and still have the regular electrical outlets that you are used to and rely on for everything else. The installation of these latest outlets can be done on homes old and new. The professionals at Lon Lockwood Electric are able to come in and evaluate the power source and your electrical wiring set up to see what can be done and what kind of costs may be involved.

If you are interested in updating the electrical system to accommodate USB outlets where you want and need them to be at a price you may be surprised to hear about, call Lon Lockwood today and see the difference a USB outlet can make for your home and family.