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How Are LEDs Different From Other Bulbs?

It’s 2016. You’ve heard about LED lighting and have probably heard about some of the benefits of switching from your old incandescent bulbs to this new technology. But you might be asking yourself, “why should I make the switch?” What makes these bulbs different from any other bulb? Well, we’ve got the answer for you – find out below:

What are LEDs?

Put simply, light-emitting diodes (or LEDs) are semiconductor devices that produce visible light when an electrical current passes through them. Makes sense, right?

What Makes Them Different?

A light bulb is a light bulb – there’s not much difference between them, right? Wrong. LED lighting differs from incandescent and compact fluorescent in a variety of ways.

  • LED lighting products use light emitting diodes to produce light more efficiently than incandescents.
  • Some of the common LED colors include amber, red, green and blue and there is no such thing as a “white” LED. But don’t worry, you can get white light when different color LEDs are mixed with a phosphor material.
  • LED light bulbs tend to last much longer than traditional incandescents and use much less energy in the process.
  • Incandescents produce light using electricity to heat a metal filament until it becomes “white” hot. The result? These bulbs release 90% of their energy as heat. Not very efficient if you ask us.

So now that you know why LEDs are different from other types of lighting, it’s time to make the switch. Call on the expert electricians at Lon Lockwood Electric today and we’ll take care of the installation process! Have questions? Give us a call at (585) 766-4702.