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Consider Installing a Whole House Fan for Comfort and Convenience

You may not even be aware that if you are looking for a way to keep your home comfortable and keep your utility bills down that a whole house fan is a viable option. Many people simply think they have to choose between plugging in multiple fans around the house and installing an air conditioning system. If you want a convenient and comfortable way to cool your home and you want to save a few bucks while doing it, contact Lon Lockwood Electric for details about the latest whole house fan system.

There are a number of whole house fan systems on the market today. Many have unique features and can adjust to your individual comfort level. However, all of them work on the same principle—to cool your home with fresh cool air. The whole house fan systems we install work to draw in cooler evening or morning air then create a natural circulation current that keeps the home refreshed. You may have noticed that many air conditioning units pump stale and cold air blasting through the house. It may leave one room feeling too cool and other still feeling stifling. If you want a natural and fresh supply of air rather than cold and stale air pumped through, you may want to learn more about whole house fans. Once winter is done and the days are brighter and the air is fresher, everyone loves to throw open the windows. Yet, once the heat starts, if you have an air conditioning system, you close those windows yet again for another whole season. With a whole house fan system installed in your Rochester home, you can actually open the windows and feel comfortable in your home.

The whole house fans on the market today truly are a step up from the ones of the past. If you haven’t seen one lately or looked into one, now may be the perfect time. The professionals at Lon Lockwood Electric can guide the choice of whole house fan systems that may be the perfect size for your home and your energy needs. Our professionals can give you all of the information you need to make an informed decision and be on your way to enjoying the air on your home. Call Lon Lockwood Electric today to see if one of our whole house fan systems is the right choice for you this summer.