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Electrical Repairs from Lon LockwoodAre you fed up with light switches that no longer work? Ceiling fans that wobble? Sparking outlets? Exposed electrical wires? Electrical hazards like these pose a significant threat to everyone in the building. Based on our years of experience in electrical repair, we can safely promise to correct all these issues. As one of our most popular service calls, we’ve repaired countless electrical issues in your area! Now we’re ready to offer you the same highly qualified service.

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Required: Professional Electrical Repair in Your Area!

Many homeowners attempt to fix their own electrical problems, usually to try to save money. But many breakdowns that we’ve serviced in Rochester and Fairport could have been avoided if the homeowner had called us first. Many times the original problem is much smaller than the disaster that resulted when a professional wasn’t called. We keep our prices as low as possible so that you can afford to have an experienced electrician look at your equipment.

To schedule electrical repair service in Webster or Rochester, NY, call Lon Lockwood Electric at 585-766-4702 or contact us online now!

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Electrical Repairs by Lon LockwoodAt Lon Lockwood Electric, we understand the importance of keeping your home safe from electrical dangers. You are our priority, which is why we follow all government-regulated safety precautions.

With the help of our excellent workmanship, we repair your faulty electrical system to the highest standard available, both for your safety and electrical convenience.

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