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Fuse Box Services in Webster, Rochester & Surrounding Areas

Having enough power to operate your electrical devices and home appliances is essential for all homeowners. Without sufficient power to your electrical system, you can experience flickering lights, blown fuses, and even charring around outlets and switches. Not only is insufficient power supply from your fuse box detrimental to your electrical equipment’s reliability, but overloading your fuse box can result in serious safety consequences, including electrical fire, electric shock, and electrocution.

Lon Lockwood Electric provides homeowners with the fuse box services they need to ensure the utmost safety and reliability for their home’s electrical devices. Whether your fuse box needs repair or you’re looking to replace your system with an electrical panel, our team has the skills and expertise necessary to bring improved safety, performance, and reliability to your home. Call us at 585-766-4702 to schedule your fuse box services today.

Fuse Box Repair in Webster & Rochester, NY

Is your fuse box not meeting your needs? Our team of expert electricians can deliver fuse box repairs. The increasing number of appliances and devices in your home can cause the fuses to fail. At Lon Lockwood, we know that reliable electricity is essential to your daily comfort. That’s why we offer expert fuse box repairs in Webster, Rochester, and the surrounding area.

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Fuse Box Replacement & Upgrade Services in Webster, Rochester & Surrounding Areas

While our team can deliver fuse box repairs, we highly recommend scheduling an electrical panel upgrade to ensure the most safety and reliability in your home. Our team of expert electricians will assess your home’s specific power needs and make a recommendation for the electrical panel upgrade best suited to your home. We’ll coordinate with your electric company to ensure power is shut off in your home before we begin work. Our team will then begin replacing and rewiring your home as necessary, adjusting the location of your electrical panel if needed. Once the new panel is in place, we’ll contact your electric company to restore power to your home.

Ready to bring improved performance, safety, and reliability to your home? Contact our team at 585-766-4702 to schedule electrical panel upgrade services and say goodbye to your unreliable fuse box today!

Reasons to Upgrade Your Fuse Box to an Electrical Panel

Fuse boxes might seem outdated, but many homes still rely on these systems to deliver power across their electrical devices. While able to provide power across your systems, there are many good reasons for homeowners to consider upgrading their fuse box to an electrical panel, including:

  • Insurance Penalties: Home insurance companies view fuse boxes as an increased risk, resulting in higher premiums or even loss of coverage. This is because fuses can melt when overloaded and increase your risk of an electrical fire.
  • Insufficient Power: The average home needs at least 200 amps to deliver sufficient power across your electrical devices. Fuse boxes, however, max out at around 100 amps, resulting in poorer performance and reliability.
  • Home Expansion: If you’re planning a home addition or remodeling project, you’ll likely need additional power that your fuse box can’t provide. Upgrading to an electrical panel is the best way to avoid this issue and enjoy continued electrical performance in the new areas of your home.

If you’re experiencing issues with your power supply, the best way to resolve the problem is through electrical panel upgrade services. Lon Lockwood Electric offers the upgrade services you need to access improved performance and reliability across your electrical systems. Call our team at 585-766-4702 to schedule service in your home today!

Choose Lon Lockwood Electric for Fuse Box Services in Webster & Rochester, NY

When your home needs more power than it’s currently able to provide, the only way forward is through electrical panel upgrade services by Lon Lockwood Electric. Our team has the skills and expertise necessary to deliver improved safety, performance, and reliability to your home through our exceptional electrical panel upgrade offerings.

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