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Exhaust Fan Installation in Webster and the Greater Rochester Area

Kitchen Exhaust Fan Installation

Tired of food smells lingering in your home after cooking? Burned foods and frying can leave odors that are very difficult to remove. We can install a new hood vent, or wall unit exhaust fan for your home’s kitchen which will instantly remove smoke or smells with the flick of a switch – before they have a chance to settle into the rest of your house and linger.

To schedule kitchen exhaust fan installation in Rochester, Webster, and nearby areas, call Lon Lockwood Electric at 585-766-4702 or contact us online today!

Bathroom Exhaust Fan Installation

Humidity and lack of proper bathroom ventilation is a major problem in many homes in the Rochester, NY area. The buildup of humidity in your bathroom can cause black mold in and on your walls, which is known to create respiratory problems in people who live with it.

An exhaust fan installed by Lon Lockwood Electric will immediately remove the moisture from steam in your bathroom before it has a chance to seep into your walls and ceilings.

Call Lon Lockwood Electric at 585-766-4702 or contact us online today to schedule a bathroom exhaust fan installation in Rochester or Webster!

Homeowner Tips and Resources

Can Exhaust Fans Cool My House?

If you run your air conditioner all summer, it’s time to give it and your AC unit — and your wallet — a much needed rest. Using your ceiling fans and exhaust fans in conjunction with one another can help control humidity and total home comfort

Believe it or not, temperature isn’t the only reason you feel overheated at home. The main reason we feel hot and sweaty is because of excess moisture in the air. Think about climates where it’s hot, but dry – temperatures can soar well into the 90s, but the dry air makes it seem much more bearable.

Can exhaust fans help keep a home cool? Not quite. While exhaust fans won’t actually lower the temperature of the room, they help draw out  excess humidity, making it feel much more comfortable.

Running exhaust fans while your ceiling fans are circulating is a great way to draw cooler air in from outside during the night while getting rid of hot, sticky air. Just remember to open windows and doors strategically – keep them closed during the day and open them up at night.

How Often Should I Clean Exhaust Fans?

Kitchen exhaust fans need to be cleaned frequently for safety. If you cook with lots of oil or use specialty cooking appliances like skillets or charbroilers, we recommend cleaning the exhaust fan at least once a month. If you’re more of the “let’s order takeout” type and rarely cook in your own kitchen, you can get away cleaning the exhaust fan once or twice annually.

You should clean bathroom exhaust fans, too. The main job of a bathroom exhaust fan is to rid the air of moisture and foul odors. It’s a good idea to clean the bathroom exhaust fan two times per year. To do so, make sure the circuit breaker for the fan is switched off, then use a soft cloth and some warm soapy water. Be sure to let the fan dry thoroughly.

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