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Go Green With A Natural Cooling Whole House Fan

Who wants to spend more money on energy bills? Raise your hand. We’re going to take a guess that there are no hands in the air – safe bet, right? Homeowners are often looking for ways to do the exact opposite – save money on energy bills – each month and if this sounds like you, we’ve got a solution.

Go green with natural cooling whole house fans! What exactly is a whole house fan? It’s a quiet, natural and pleasant alternative for keeping your home cool and comfortable without spending a fortune on home energy.

How do they work? Whole house fans can reduce or even eliminate the need for air conditioning by taking advantage of the natural cooling cycles that nature provides. The whole house fan is mounted between your living space and the attic, and is operated in the evening, night-time, and morning when outside air is cool. The device draws cool fresh air in through open windows while exhausting hot stale air out through attic roof vents. This circulation creates a fresh and comfortable living environment and draws heat out of the structure to reduce/delay heat loading for the next day.

What’s more? A whole house fan:

• saves energy with a smart, elegant cooling system that is good for the environment
• solves the problem of excessive heat accumulation in upstairs bedrooms
• reduces or eliminates dependence on expensive and wasteful A/C
• allows you to enjoy fresh air and more natural, livable home

So don’t break the bank this summer. Give the experts at Lon Lockwood Electric a call today to find out you can start benefiting today from a natural cooling whole house fan.