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3 Tips To Brighten Up Your Home

When it comes creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere in your home lighting plays a major role. Whether you prefer lots of bright natural light or want to set the mood with warm ambient light, there are a few guidelines to follow. See the tips below to find out how to create the perfectly-lit room even in the dead of our Rochester winters.

  1. A Little Calculation Goes A Long Way: Lots of times homeowners are faced with a big problem. They don’t have enough space in a room to add an adequate amount of lighting fixtures so the room lacks in brightness. Keep this trick in mind – “Take the dimensions of the room (say, 10 feet by 10 feet), add them together (so, 20 feet), and switch that number to inches (20 inches). The result is the ideal diameter for your ceiling fixture.”
  2. Where Do You Need Light Most?: It’s more important to focus lighting on where you need it most rather than trying to light the entire room. This is especially true where you need plenty of task lighting – like offices and living rooms. You can equip these rooms with desk or table lamps rather than using elaborate pendant lights that take up more space.
  3. Make It Brighter With Natural Light: If brightening up a room is on your list of things to do but you don’t want to add actual light fixtures, don’t worry there’s hope. You can add decorative mirrors to the walls which will help bounce light around the room.

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