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4 Major Benefits of Ceiling Fans You Might Be Missing Out On

You’re probably taking your ceiling fan for granted. What do we mean by that? We mean that when it gets warm inside your home, your first thought is probably to head over to the thermostat to turn your air conditioning system on. But you might not realize how much you could be saving, and how convenient ceiling fans actually are. So, we’ve decided to highlight a few of the major benefits, below:

  • Energy Savings: sure, they can help you save on energy bills when temperatures heat up, but did you know that you can actually use them in the winter, too? Well, with spring here to stay and with summer around the corner, use your ceiling fans to create a cool breeze and keep air circulating throughout your home.
  • Lighting: need more lighting in a certain room? Tackle two projects at once by purchasing a fan equipped with a lighting kit. And even if you already have a fan that does not have a light attached, our electricians can install one on just about any fan in your home.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use: have a porch or patio that tends to get a bit stagnant during the day or night? Ceiling fans are the perfect solution. Just be sure to get one specifically made for the outdoors and you’ll be well on your way to entertaining and barbecuing all season long.
  • Decor: contrary to popular belief, ceiling fans don’t just come in or two standard sizes and colors. They range from traditional to modern and come in all types of finishes from plastic and wood to metal and anything in between.

Whether for increased energy savings, additional lighting or as a style statement, if you’re considering having a ceiling fan installed in your home, Lon Lockwood Electric is ready to help with prompt and professional world class service. Call us today for all your ceiling fan installation needs (585) 766-4702!