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5 Key Benefits of an Electrical Inspection

Buying a house? That’s so exciting! But it can come along with some major stressors and feelings of being overwhelmed if you’re not careful. You’ve put hours and hours into searching for the perfect home with the perfect property in the perfect neighborhood, but did you remember to schedule an electrical inspection before you made anything official?

You’d hate to get into your new house only to realize a few weeks later that the electrical system is ready to blow, right? After all, a shoddy electrical system can put you and your family directly in harm’s way. Here’s why you’ll want to make sure you get an inspection BEFORE you sign any papers:

  1. Meet Local Requirements – first and foremost, an electrical inspection will help you determine whether or not your potential new home is up to the standards set forth by the town and the state. If it’s not, you could incur fines and penalties which can be quite hefty.

  2. Avoid Shocks and Burns – faulty wiring and damaged outlets can lead to shocks and burns whenever they are touched. During an inspection, the electrician will let you know if the wires are showing signs of age and if the outlets are potentially dangerous.

  3. Efficiency – you’re about to spend a fortune on your new home so you’d hate to spend a fortune on electrical bills too, right? Old wiring has a tendency to wear down more quickly and operate sporadically while using up more energy. You may want to have the system upgraded so it will save you money in the long run.

  4. Lower Risks – believe it or not, electrical fires are the most common cause of total home losses. Eliminate the risk of this type of disaster by ensuring your electrical system is safe.

  5. Protect Appliances – there’s a good chance you’ll be installing new appliances once you move in and if you want them to run efficiently and effectively, without the risk of major damage, you may need to have certain fixtures upgraded. Just think, the wiring and the outlets that were installed in the house many years ago were not intended to handle today’s technology.

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