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5 Ways To Avoid Static Electricity In The House

Ever walk across a carpeted room, grab the door knob to open up the door and get shocked as soon as you touched the handle? That my friend, is a result of static electricity and although the resulting shocks aren’t necessarily dangerous, they can be quite startling. Today is National Static Electricity Day and we’re taking some time to explain how to avoid it, below:

What is Static Electricity?

Static electricity is a charge or current that runs through your body that you pick up from free electrons in certain places of your home. If you then touch any type of conductor, like that metal doorknob for example, a charge neutralization will take place which causes a static shock. Aside from carpeted floors, dry air is also a major insulator which is why people tend to notice static electricity more often during the cold winter months.

How to Avoid Static Shocks in the House:

  • Fight back against dry air caused by home heating systems by utilizing humidifiers

  • Treat rugs and carpets with anti-static sprays

  • Place indoor plants throughout the house to which will naturally add moisture to the air

  • Spray small amounts of hairspray on clothing that tends to be affected by static cling

  • Avoid wearing products made of wool

  • Keep skin hydrated – we recommend applying lotion after bathing

  • Drink lots of water to keep your body hydrated from the inside out

While we may not be able to help with the static electricity in your home, we can certainly help with shocks coming from electrical fixtures our outlets. Just give the experts at Lon Lockwood Electric a call and we’ll get the problem solved fast! 585.766.4702.