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Protecting your home and keeping it maintained are tasks that come along with being a homeowner, but upkeep can be a real pain especially because you spend most of your day working to be able to afford your home. So let Lon Lockwood Electric take care of the burden for you – at least when it comes to your home’s electrical system.

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Electrical equipment doesn’t last forever – it’s imperative to have it checked if your home is over 20 years old. Our professionally trained electricians will come by and inspect your outlets, lighting, wiring and service to make sure there are no potential safety hazards. Just think about how technology has changed in the last 20 years – do you still have the same television or car that you had in 1995?

Home Protection Plan Benefits

Safety Savings – Receive a 10% discount on the products and services needed to bring your home up to the minimum standards of the National Fire Protection Association and keep your family safe.

Priority Service – Need service fast? With the Home Protection Plan you and your family are our first priority. You go straight to the front of the line with a single phone call. It’s like having an electrician on call with his motor running just for you!

Safety Inspection – We will perform a complete safety inspection for you today and repeat this service annually. We spot any new problem areas so we can fix them before they become a hazard.

Service Satisfaction Commitment – We promise you 100% satisfaction with any service we perform in your home for as long as you are a Home Protection Plan member.

Exclusive Specials – Every now and then you’ll be able to take advantage of special offers and exclusive discounts we only provide to our members!

Interested in becoming a member? Give us a call today at (585) 766-4702 to learn more and don’t forget to connect with us on Twitter for more electrical updates.