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Control Your Energy Bills With Timers & Dimmers

Ever rush out of the house only to return and find you left all the lights on? Or do you constantly remind your family to turn off the television when it’s not being used? You probably see the consequences in your monthly electric bills.

Lon Lockwood Electric offers a quick fix to this common problem that can save you significant money in the process — lighting controls.

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How Timers & Dimmers Save on Electric Bills

Lighting controls reduce your energy usage and bill by controlling the light level in your home — whether automatically turning it off when not needed or reducing the brightness.

Let’s look at the common types of lighting controls and how these small devices can make a big difference.


Remote home control system on a smart phone.Timers are a versatile option because they work both indoors and outdoors. You can choose a manual version that plugs into an outlet — ideal for lamps or light strings — or a digital timer similar to a programmable thermostat. Digital timers are best for controlling outdoor lights.

These are a popular choice during the holidays and for long vacations to make an unoccupied house less of a target. Their real value comes from significant electrical savings. Putting appliances on time switches automatically cuts off their electrical use when you know they’re not needed.

Lamps are an obvious candidate, but so are space heaters, window air conditioning units, and even battery chargers. This cuts back on unnecessary electricity drains and can improve your home comfort.


Dimmed recesssed lighting in a bedroom.Dimmer switches are another inexpensive way to control light usage inside. By dimming a lightbulb, you’re reducing its wattage and output. This results in energy savings and gives you total control over the amount of brightness given off by any light.

By implementing dimmers throughout your home, you can feel better about how much electricity you’re using, even when you forget to turn the light off.


Private swimming pool at night with outdoor lighting.Motion sensors light up an area only when a detector picks up movement. They’re generally used for security, briefly illuminating your property should someone come near. They save energy by turning off when no one is around.

While primarily found outdoors, sensors have a place inside as well. Room occupancy sensors that turn lights on and off when motion is detected can be especially useful in bathrooms, storage rooms, and basement areas.

Families with young children or older members who have trouble accessing light switches may find them particularly helpful.

Trust the Electrical Experts

At Lon Lockwood Electric, our licensed electricians are experienced with various lighting control installations, from timers and dimmers to room occupancy sensors and top-of-the-line lighting control stations.

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Transform how you control your home’s lighting with state-of-the-art timers, dimmers, and sensors.

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