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Electrical Safety in the Living Room

Take a minute to count how many electrical devices you have in your living room. You probably have a television with a cable box, a lamp or two and maybe even a cell phone charger just to name a few. And even though the living room is one of the areas of the house we spend most of our time, homeowners often glance over the risk of electrical fires that might be present.

electric fireplace in a home's living room

In order to keep your home and your family safe, follow these tips for living room safety:

  • NEVER run electrical cords underneath rugs, carpets or furniture.
  • Don’t connect more than one extension cord. If the one you have is not long enough, it’s a much smarter decision to purchase the right length.
  • Trying to keep your cords out of the way? Stapling them to the wall or baseboard is a bad idea.
  • You’ve spent lots of money on your flat-screen television and entertainment system. Keep your equipment safe by using a surge protector.

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