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Finding a Qualified Electrician

Ever hire somebody to do a job only to find out it was done incorrectly? Faulty electrical equipment can, and in many cases, will cause a fire. That alone is a reason to higher somebody with experience. So the next time you need electrical work done in your home, avoid potential safety hazards by making sure you hire a qualified electrician.

How do you know if you’re choosing a qualified electrician?

If an electrician shows you a state license, it is safe to assume that he has some level of electrical competence. However, this is not the only thing to look for. A master electrician will have passed a standardized test and must have at least two years of experience under his belt. He should know the National Electrical Code and any changes your state has made.

A journeyman electrician has not yet qualified for a master’s license but is licensed by the state and can install wiring and equipment. In some states, a journeyman electrician is required to work with a master electrician.

How to choose the right pro?

It all depends on the type of work you need done. Some electricians specialize in residential construction while others prefer to work in a commercial setting. Similarly, there are electricians who specialize in remodeling and have mastered techniques such as wiring through finished walls. Check with your general contractor to see who they recommend, and make sure you tell them the type of work you are looking for.

When you call an electrician, or have one stop by, make sure you ask to see their license and proof of insurance. If they are not able to provide you with this information, or their licenses are not current, it may be wise to consider somebody else.

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