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Control Your Energy Bills With Timers and Dimmers

Ever been too lazy to get up and turn off the lights so you leave them on for a few more hours? There goes your energy bill. Ever accidentally leave a light on when you leave the house? There goes your energy bill. There are lots of factors that lead to high energy bills, but you can stay on top of them with timers, dimmers, and lighting controls.

We’re smack dab in the middle of major innovations in technology that will make your home “smarter”. When it comes to controlling your electronic devices, there are hundreds of high quality, energy efficient solutions that can help keep your energy bills down. Imagine using a handheld remote to control overhead lighting, window blinds, small appliances and outdoor lighting. Well, you don’t have to imagine it any longer – it has become a reality!

In addition to wireless controls, Lon Lockwood Electric offers timers, dimmers, and sensors to help you save both energy and money.

See below to learn more:


Timers can be used either indoor or outdoor. They are great for outdoor lighting, holiday lighting, and to leave preset for everyday functionality. Timers provide convenience and safety while saving you energy and money.


Room Occupancy Sensors enable lights to come one whenever motion is detected and turn off when motion ceases. Motion sensors are especially useful in bathrooms, storage rooms, and basement areas.


Dimmers give you the ability to intimately control your lighting system. You may want to dim the lights for movies or you may want to brighten the lights to see better while working. Dimmers affect the warmth, depth, and ambiance of the room while providing energy efficiency.

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