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Flickering Lights? It’s Probably Your Dimmer Switch

Many homeowners enjoy having a dimmer switch to dim the lights and unwind after a long day or to set the proper ambiance for date night. But what happens when you adjust your lights and they start to flicker?

Flickering lights can often be caused by your dimmer switch. There are a few simple steps you can take to stop your lights from flickering.

Your Dimmer Switch Setting Is Too Low

Flickering can happen because the current passing through the lightbulb is too low. The good news is that you don’t have to do much to fix this issue. Turn up the dimmer switch until the lights are no longer flickering.

You may experience a similar problem if the dimmer switch is set too high. This time, turn down the switch until the flickering stops. Remember that adjusting your dimmer switch accordingly can also extend the life of the LED bulbs.

Loose Connections

Loose wires in the socket can cause flickering lights. You can expect your electrician to tighten the wires as necessary and ensure all wires are the same gauge. Save yourself the additional hassle by checking the information with your light fixture to see which gauge wire you need.

At Lon Lockwood Electric, we recommend having a reliable electrician install dimmer switches and handle loose wiring.

Incorrect LED Bulbs

You might be using the wrong LED bulb on your dimmer switch. Not all dimmer switches are compatible with LED bulbs; it’s important to check the instructions to confirm which bulbs are best for yours.

Also, be sure that the bulbs you purchase are dimmable. Consider purchasing the bulbs from where you got your dimmer switch or checking with the manufacturer to ensure compatibility.

The Quality of Your Dimmer Switch

Low-quality dimmer switches can cause your lights to flicker. Whether due to cheap parts or subpar design, a poor-quality dimmer switch won’t provide the proper power supply to your bulbs. As a result, the lights flicker.

The phrase, “you get what you pay for,” certainly applies to dimmer switches. While you may not need to splurge on the priciest one you find, you shouldn’t opt for the cheapest dimmer switch.

Hiring the Right Electrician

At Lon Lockwood, we understand the frustration of flickering lights and other home electrical challenges. Our licensed and insured technicians will work quickly to make your residence safer and more enjoyable for years.

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