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Flickering Lights? It’s Probably Your Dimmer Switch

You are sitting in your bedroom reading a book and trying to wind down for the night. You turn your dimming light on to help you relax after a long day of work and after indulging in your book for a grand total of five minutes the lights begin to flicker. A sigh of frustration is let out, the flickering continues and you can not understand the reason why. Does this sound familiar?

What’s Causing My Lights To Flicker?

There are several solutions you might have tried; making sure the light bulb is tight, changing out the light bulb, and of course rigorously turning the dimming switch up and down in hopes that it is just a small glitch. Well, you were onto something when you tried to finagle the dimmer switches.

So, Why Is The Dimmer To Blame?

More than likely, your dimmer switches were created for incandescent light bulbs, and being in the 21st century, you have upgraded to LEDs that offer the mood lighting you prefer. The circuit the dimmer switch is on can become confused when an LED bulb is being used and can cause your lights to flicker as a result.

The Solution

The good news is that your local electrician can help you out with this problem. There are a few solutions that are quite common.

The first is inserting a “bleeder” into the dimmer switch or the LED light bulb. This allows the circuit to straighten out and the flickering will stop. However, depending on multiple variables, this can cause your electricity bill to become even more expensive.

The best solution is to consider replacing your current dimmer switches with phase dimmers that are LED rated.

It’s time to put an end to flickering lights in your home once and for all. A quick call to the electricians at Lon Lockwood Electric will have your dimmer switches AND your lights working in no time – without the flickering.