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Getting Rid Of Ice Dams

When it comes to large accumulations of snowfall and treacherous ice, Rochester is notorious. We haven’t seen a winter without snow in years and let’s face it, it probably won’t be happening any time soon. While some of us love the snow and enjoy winter overall, it can actually be very detrimental to the roof of your house.

exterior of house in the snow

As snow falls and builds up on the roof and in the gutters, it can cause ice dams to form. What is an ice dam? When the weather warms up a bit during the day and then drops back down at night it causes snow to melt and then re-freeze. This phenomenon can cause severe damage to your roof and gutters including leaks or worse – a compromised structure.

What can you do if ice dams have formed? You can raise the temperature inside your home to loosen up ice from your shingles. However, you have to crank it up all the way to around 80°F and leave it there for a few hours. Not only will this cause your energy bills to rise, it’s only a temporary solution. You also want to stay away from this option if you already have a leak in your roof. Melting water and a leaky roof don’t work well together.

How you can you prevent them from forming in the first place? The answer is simple, roof heat tape. All you need to do is turn the tape on before a snowstorm hits to warm up the roof. With roof heat tape installed by Lon Lockwood Electric, your home will be leak free for years to come.

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