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Heat Tape Can Cure Your Ice Dam Woes

The more you learn about heat tape, the more you may find it is the ideal investment to protect your property from ice dam damage. By now, if you have lived through even a handful of Rochester area winters, you have seen for yourself how unpredictable they can be. You also know that once the storms start, you may not even see your roof for quite some time. What you may not know is that the snow on your roof may be hiding damaging ice dams that could be eating away at your shingles and causing water damage to the inside of your home.

The solution to the problems and pain that is caused by the melting and refreezing of ice dams is the use of heat tape. Heat tape is essentially an electrical cord that is strategically attached to your roof. The heat tape works to precisely heat up and melt the accumulating snow and ice at the proper time so as to prevent the build up and melting amounts that lead to damage over the course of the winter, and subsequent winters. When you use heat tape to deal with or prevent ice dams and the damage they can cause, you are investing in protecting your home. You are also avoiding dangerous situations that could lead to something more costly than a new roof—your safety. How many times have seen someone precariously perched on a ladder reaching up and swiping snow off of the roof? The falls that happen year after year can all be prevented if people just used heat tape to do the task for them. Also, the icicles that hang down can do more harm than damaging your gutters. They are dangerous for anyone walking nearby or especially underneath. For a homeowner, having a visitor hurt by a dangling icicle can spell disaster for your homeowners insurance.

To prevent disaster, costly repairs to your roof, walls or ceilings and prevent potential injuries to yourself and visitors, let heat tape keep your roof clear, safe and protected all winter long. Call us today for the professional help you need!