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Helping Your Outdoor Lighting Survive Winter

Harsh temperatures and extreme conditions can take a toll on your exterior lighting. With all of the snow and ice we get each winter here in Rochester, it’s amazing that some of outdoor investments even make it through the season.

In order to help your fixtures survive through the cold season and make it to spring, follow the maintenance tips below:

  • Don’t let snow and ice accumulate on light fixtures. Not only can this be bad for the lenses, it put great stress on the fixture itself. Keep lenses clean by wiping them with a non-abrasive cloth and dig them out right away anytime you’re dealing with significant snowfall.
  • Replace blown bulbs as soon as possible. When a bulb blows, a stronger current is sent to the remaining working lightbulbs in the vicinity which can cause them to blow as well or cause the wiring to overheat. Always have replacement bulbs on hand and swap out broken bulbs quickly.
  • Have a landscape lighting system in your yard? It’s important to check the wires during the winter time. Constant freezing and thawing of the ground can cause the wires to work their way to the surface. Check for fraying and exposed wires and if nothing is evident, bury them in the ground before it refreezes.
  • Need to have old fixtures replaced? Want to have a new outdoor lighting system installed? Winter is the is perfect time to begin thinking about what you want and consulting with an electrician to come up with a well-developed plan. That’s where we come in!

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