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If Santa Knocks Over a Candle, Will Your Smoke Detector Be Ready to Save Christmas?

The excitement for the arrival of Santa is reaching fever pitch right about now. You may already know what kind of cookies you plan on leaving out and you may even be plotting how to sneak down the stairs to try and catch a glimpse of the old jolly one himself. However, aside from plotting that sneak peak (which we don’t recommend, by the way!) you should think about if your home prepared for his visit? Even though he can squeeze down that chimney and bring the magic of Christmas to life in a split second, he isn’t exactly known for being dainty. It is a very real possibility that he could knock over a thing or two while making those Christmas dreams come true. If Santa were to knock over a candle, would your smoke detectors kick in and save Christmas?

Smoke detectors save lives, plain and simple. They also save possessions. While no possession or gift compares to a life, knowing your smoke detectors work well and that everyone knows what to do it they go off can help save lives and property. Even if a fire does break out from candles, overly hot lights, or an electrical problem from too many strands plugged into outlets, working smoke detectors can keep that fire from causing total devastation. If they go off in time, you might only have slight damage to contend with. Plus, if you aren’t home at the time, those detectors could alert neighbors long before a single flame climbs the wall or ruins one gift.

Make sure to inquire about how we can install smoke detectors Rochester NY home systems as part of your holiday prep work. Being prepared for the worst can help you enjoy the best things this season has to offer.