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Let’s Look at the Electric Panel Types, Shall We?

Just like any other system or appliance in your home, not all electric panels are the same. They can vary greatly depending on the size of the home and electrical usage needed. It is important to understand the differences so you can feel confident about the one in your home – in case it ever needs electric repair Fairport NY services.

One popular panel type is a main breaker panel. It has a main breaker that can shut off all power to the house and it limits the amount of power that can come into the house. Another type is a main lug panel. It has a separate disconnect spot. One selling point is that the separate disconnect can be used from the outside if there is a fire or other emergency. Sub-panels are also popular. This kind is helpful if you need more power concentrated in one area, like needing multiple circuits for a room. You can adjust how the electricity is distributed. Another type of sub-panel is a transfer switch. This is used for a generator “hook up” essentially. This allows you to transfer the power from the generator, to the breaker, and then to the house manually. Or you can invest in a transfer switch that does it automatically. Do you have a generator?

Because each type is best for a different set of circumstances, you will want some honest advice before choosing an electric panel for your home. We can help figure out what kind will meet your needs and give you the control and options you need. If the one you have now is having issues,call the electric repair Fairport NY area experts at Lon Lockwood for help.