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Keep Everything & Everyone Charged With a USB Outlet

Everything about how we live today is evolving at a record pace. Most of that evolution has to do with how we use technology. Technology requires energy in the form of electricity. In our homes, there are only so many options for harnessing electricity to power all of the technological devices we have come to rely on.

One of the biggest problems with homes today, old and new, is that there are simply not enough ways to charge everything we need and have come to rely on. When you have a limited number of outlets, you have people in the household all spread out waiting for phones and tablets to charge. If you have young children, you may want them to have these devices for a wide variety of reasons; yet you do not want them to have them while in their rooms alone. With phones today, the capabilities and the chances of them seeing things you wish they wouldn’t are greatly increased if they are alone in a bedroom or away from the rest of the family. The best way to be on top of what household members, especially children, are using any of these devices for is to have everyone using them in one room. But, parents also don’t want children tying up the USB connections on their computers to constantly charge things either. This problem of where and how to charge all of the mobile devices in the home is only growing as our dependence on such devices grows for everyone in the house. There are even adults who require multiple mobile phones for personal use and work use. Charging these while watching television at night without having to actually unplug something else is becoming more challenging. Homes and the number of outlets they are built with simply were not created with the need to charge five or six phones, tablets, e-readers and everything else in mind.

As this problem grows, so has an innovative solution, a solution the experts at Lon Lockwood have garnered the ability to install in Rochester homes today. The invention of the USB wall outlet is one way of successfully addressing the problems homeowners today are having when it comes to keeping everything and everyone charged and powered all day long.