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The Perfect Lighting For Any Party

Do you want your party to be added to the list of “eh, that party was ok” or do you want to host a gathering your friends will not stop talking about? Aside from the well thought out food and drinks, you want your house to look fabulous and your guests to feel welcome, comfortable, attractive and beautiful!

So, how do you achieve all of the above? You may have forgotten this important part of planning, but lighting can make a huge difference in how people look and feel about themselves. Bad lighting is unflattering to a person no matter how “put together” they seem to be.


There are lots ways to cast perfect party lighting that will take yours to the next level:

  • One way is by not using overhead lights. Why? They tend to cast shadows that can be unflattering. Use table lamps and dimmer switches instead because they offer greater control when it comes to the amount of lighting needed.

  • Avoid fluorescent bulbs and choose low wattage LED bulbs for a more flattering glow. To avoid too much light shining through, choose lampshades that are non-transparent.

  • Using candles on your tables, countertops and mantels will create a flickering glow that is complementary to all. By adding mirrors on tables and walls along with your candles, it will enhance the atmosphere further by reflecting light in various ways and colors.

  • Placing sparkling glass or beaded containers throughout can add even more dimension to the atmosphere.

  • If temperatures are cooler, there’s nothing like the warmth of a fire in the fireplace to create a romantic atmosphere and a glow that reflects on each guest.

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