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Electric Car Charging Stations: The Basics You Need to Know

Each year, the number of electric car owners grows. But while these new electric vehicle (EV) owners may understand the environmental benefits associated with making the switch from gas-powered cars, they may have trouble navigating the new lifestyle and all that it entails. From different types of charging stations to understanding proper public charging etiquette, there’s a lot for electric car owners to learn before taking to the road in their new vehicles.

If you’ve recently purchased an EV, one of the first things you’ll need is a home charging station. Lon Lockwood Electric provides electric car charging installation services perfect for Webster families who have recently made the transition to the EV lifestyle. Contact our team today to schedule your electric car charging installation service.

Types of Electric Car Charging

The first thing new EV owners need to understand is there are three different types of charging for electric cars. Each type is designed to deliver power to your vehicle, but does so at differing levels of capacity. The following outlines the different charging types EV owners need to know:

  • Level 1/120-Volt: Every electric car comes with a three-pronged plug that inserts into any properly grounded wall socket. This offers the slowest type of charging, and is most suitable for overnight recharging.
  • Level 2/240-Volt: These charging stations rely on similar wiring as is used for electric stoves or clothes dryers, and are twice as fast as Level 1 charging stations. Owners of battery-electric cars will require Level 2 charging stations at home to provide sufficient overnight recharging.
  • DC Fast Charging: This charging type uses direct current rather than alternating current and is the fastest available charging type for EVs. These stations are only available in public charging settings due to the need for having dedicated high-power lines installed. Not all electric cars have this capability, so be sure to check your owner’s manual to see if this is an option for you.

Understanding the different charging types will help you plan better for your travel needs and keep your car running exactly when you need it to!

Tips for Charging Your EV at Home

When charging your electric car, it’s important to take precautionary measures that will help you keep costs down for recharging. Consider the following tips for charging your EV at home:

  • Overnight Charging: Electricity is typically cheapest to use during nighttime hours when demand is lower. Choosing to charge your vehicles overnight will help keep costs down for your charging needs.
  • Charging Stations vs. Charging Cords: Depending on the type of vehicle you own, a charging station might make more sense than reliance on the standard 120-volt charging cord. Battery-electric cars may benefit more from installing a charging station in your garage or carport while plug-in hybrids will do fine with the standard cord.

Installing a charging station in your Webster home is a great way to ensure continued access to the power you need when you need it most. Charging stations require specific wiring configurations to support the power needs of your vehicle, and should therefore be trusted to an expert electrician.

Choose Lon Lockwood for Electric Vehicle Charging Installation

If you’re like the many Webster residents making the switch to an EV, contact the team at Lon Lockwood Electric to install your home charging station today! Our team uses the latest in electric car technology to deliver charging stations that are safe, energy-efficient, reliable, and convenient.

Contact us today to schedule your EV charging station installation in your Webster home.