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When Is It Time For A New Electrical Panel?

Your electrical panel won’t last forever – it’s that simple. Sure, they are built to last for several years, but there are lots of key indicators that it might be time for an upgrade. Failing to take note of the warning signs below could leave you in a world of trouble:

  1. Circuit Breakers That Trip Constantly – there are a few reasons why circuits could trip. One of the main reasons though, is an increase in power surges through your wires which happens more often as panels begin to wear down. It could also mean the electrical devices in your home require more power than the panel can handle at any given time.
  2. Dimming Lights – notice that the lights in the room dim when you turn on the vacuum, microwave or any other appliances? This is another sign that your home’s electrical system is not adequately handling the load and therefore, it’s time to upgrade your panel.
  3. Melting or Burning – take a look inside the panel, is there any evidence or melting or burning? Worn out wires are known to get very hot and can potentially cause a fire. Look for charring or discolored markings and if you notice any, call in a professional right away.
  4. Extension Cords Are Becoming The Norm – find yourself reaching for an extension cord or power strip more often than you used to? It’s a better and safer idea to upgrade your electrical panel and add outlets or circuits if needed.

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