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Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Entertaining & Enjoying Your Rochester Evenings

Manicured yard with lighting

As the days grow longer and warmer, your yard beckons as the perfect place to entertain and relax. However, if you haven’t thought much about your outdoor lighting, you may find yourself left in the dark.

Once the sun goes down, outdoor lighting can transform your yard into a welcoming, safe, and stylish space. With the right lighting, you can enjoy evenings outside well into the night, making the most of your outdoor areas. Allow us to shed some light on this topic.

Where Should I Put Outdoor Lights?

Your outdoor lighting can bring out your yard’s best features at night. You have many options when it comes to outdoor lighting placement, and the pros at Lon Lockwood Electric can help you light up your outdoor space by installing lights in:


Outdoor pathway illuminated by solar-powered lights

Pathways are essential areas to illuminate for both safety and style. Well-lit paths prevent accidents and make your guests feel welcome. Consider installing downlights along paths to minimize glare while guiding the way.


Vintage Iron Lantern Mounted on the Exterior Wall of House

Thoughtful lighting benefits entryways, including front, back, and side doors. You can install lights on either side of the doors or overhead. These lights enhance security and make your home more inviting. Options include wall sconces, overhead fixtures, and smart lights for added convenience.


Suburban house front at dusk with lighting illuminating driveway

A well-lit driveway looks attractive and enhances safety when parking or arriving home at night. Place lights along the driveway edges or at the entrance to clearly define the path. Options like solar-powered lights or LED bollards can add both functionality and style.

Decks and Patios

residential outdoor lighting

During the warmer months, you’ll spend a lot of time on your deck or patio. Uplighting in cooking areas, railings, and seating areas can create an inviting atmosphere. String lights, lanterns, and LED strips can add a magical touch to these spaces, making them perfect for entertaining.

Porch Lighting


Hanging lantern on a front porch of a white house with a white ceiling and columns.

Don’t forget the porch. Ceiling fans with integrated lights, outdoor chandeliers, and security lights can all enhance your porch area. Proper lighting here adds to the overall ambiance and provides a safe, welcoming outdoor space where you can relax and entertain until the sun comes up.

Outdoor Lighting Tips


  • Choose LED light bulbs: LEDs are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and provide excellent illumination for outdoor spaces.
  • Layer your lighting: Combine different lighting types to create depth and dimension. This includes ambient, task, and accent lighting.
  • Use a variety of fixtures: Mix and match different styles and types of lighting fixtures to achieve a balanced look.


  • Install certain fixtures yourself: While tackling outdoor lighting as a DIY project is tempting, some installations are best left to professionals. This ensures safety, proper setup, and the best possible appearance.
  • Overlook maintenance: Regularly check and clean your outdoor lights to keep them functioning and looking their best.
  • Ignore the environment: Consider the impact of your lighting on local wildlife and opt for eco-friendly options when possible.

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