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Why Are Safety Goggles Important?

Take a minute to think about what your life would be like if you woke up one morning unable to see. Eye injuries in the workplace are extremely common – so common that nearly 2,000 workers sustain eye-related injuries every single day. So in honor of National Workplace Eye Safety Month, we want to stress the importance of safety goggles for electricians.construction worker giving the OK symbol with hand

When we think about workers who need eye protection, daily usage of power tools probably comes to mind. And people may neglect to realize electricians how frequently electrical jobs require this type of equipment. However, electricians often need to cut holes in walls, ceilings or floors to run wiring, replace a fixture or hang a bracket for a ceiling fan or television. Why is this significant? Projectiles such as dust, concrete, metal and wood can get into your eyes and cause severe problems.

Eye protection is also needed when dealing with radiation including visible, ultraviolet and infrared light. Keep in mind that electricians often find themselves working on jobs with other tradesmen who might be using harmful chemicals.

Which type of eye protection do you need? Well, it depends on your surroundings and the type of work you are doing. If you’re working in an area with airborne particles safety glasses with side protection should suffice. If there are chemicals present, goggles are your best option and if you’re working with hazardous radiation, there are special purpose goggles or helmets designed for the task.

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