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Why Do I Need Smart Light Bulbs?

Looking for ways to add some flair to your home without spending a fortune on a complete remodel? Standard light bulbs are a thing of the past and it’s time to treat yourself to an upgrade. It’s almost as if their only purpose is to simply light a room. With the introduction of new smart light bulb technology, the outlook on your home’s lighting just got a whole lot brighter.

Practical Benefits:

  • Dimming: some smart bulbs can dim on their own without the need of new installation as compared to standard bulbs. That means no additional holes in the wall and no additional switch plates.
  • Saving Money: these types of bulbs can actually detect when somebody enters or leaves the room. This means a decrease in your electric bill as a result of less wasted energy.
  • Security and Control: you can easily control your bulb from a cell phone while away; this can be useful in making your home appear like somebody is still there. Most burglars wouldn’t dare enter a home when it looks like somebody’s inside.

Mood Benefits:

  • Colors: changing the color of your lighting can aid a bad mood. In the cold, dark months, adding a brighter color can lighten things up, literally! In the summer months, a darker color can actually make the room seem cooler.
  • Sleep: our bodies produce melatonin to help us sleep and decreases it to give more energy. With smart bulbs, you can program them to create lighting that will help your body produce the right amounts of energy,
  • Music: consider yourself the king or queen or karaoke? Like to rock out while preparing a meal? Some bulbs are now equipped with speakers so you can get your groove on any time of day or night.

It can be a hard truth admitting that the kind of lighting we’ve used for a long time seems boring and outdated now. However, when switching to smart bulbs, we think the benefits are abundant and some of them are quite fun!

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