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Why Won’t My Motion Sensor Light Turn Off?

Exterior Security Lighting InstallationYou walk by your motion sensor light as you head out to your car at night and it turns on. You look out your window during the middle of the night, it’s still on. You walk by it again in the morning – you guessed it, still on. “Why won’t this stupid thing turn off?” Sound like you?

Luckily, there are only a few potential reasons why a motion sensor light won’t turn off. And better yet, they can be fixed rather simply by going through a few quick troubleshooting tactics.

  • Duration – take a look at the duration setting, or how long the light should stay on for. It’s common for them to be set anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes or longer by default.
  • Sensitivity – just like the duration setting, the sensitivity setting could be set too high. If it’s set too high, it could be triggered every time a bug flies by or dust or leaves blow past in the wind. Turn it down a bit and the light should go off a bit more often.
  • Reset It – if your sensor light has an on/off switch located somewhere inside, pay close attention to how you turn it on and off. If you flip the switch, by accident or on purpose, and then flip it back again right away, it could automatically get stuck in the auto-on position. The solution? Turn the switch to “off” and leave it there for at least 10 seconds before turning it on again. This is ultimately a “reset” for the system.

All of the above solutions can be handled safely by most homeowners. However, if none of those tactics solves the problem it could be a more serious issue that requires the knowledge and expertise of a skilled professional (see below):

  • Storm damage
  • Damage caused by a power surge
  • Improper or faulty installation
  • Cold weather damage
  • Extreme heat damage

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