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Expert Electricians in Macedon, NY

Lon Lockwood Electric is one of the leading providers of comprehensive electrical services throughout Wayne County. When you need an electrician in Macedon, our team can provide the precision work, quality workmanship, and dependable solutions you need in order to deliver a superior final result. Whether you need a simple electrical repair or a whole-home rewiring, we’re the local electricians you can trust.

Call on Lon Lockwood for these electrical services in Macedon:

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Electrical Repairs in Macedon, NY

Whether you’re dealing with a faulty dimmer switch, a failing light fixture, or a section of damaged wiring, electrical problems of all types and sizes can cause the same stress and trouble in your home. Our electrical repair contractors are highly experienced and extensively equipped, making us fully capable of handling electrical repairs of any kind.

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Macedon Electrical Installation

Quality products installed correctly—it’s the baseline for what any client wants, and it’s the baseline that Lon Lockwood Electric offers. Beyond that, our team will go the extra mile to ensure your new electrical appliances or systems are precisely installed and optimized for safety and greater performance. If you’re looking for indoor and outdoor lighting installation, GFCI outlet installation, or any other electrical install, our experts have you fully covered!

Wiring Upgrade Services in Macedon

As the wiring in your home ages, it will begin to degrade. Other factors, such as moisture and the type of wiring you have, will also have an impact on how your wiring holds up or degrades over the years.

If your home wiring is beginning to wear down or if you’ve gone years without knowing the condition of the wiring in your home, Lon Lockwood Electric can help. We offer:

  • Complete home electrical inspections to determine the quality of your home wiring
  • Superior wiring upgrades to improve the longevity and performance of the electrical wiring in your home

Think it may be time for a home electrical inspection? Connect with our local electricians online to schedule an appointment today!

Panel Upgrade Services

Are you planning on adding more rooms to your home? Are you looking to install new high-draw appliances? Or maybe your electrical needs have simply evolved—and your electrical panel hasn’t? In any case, you can look to our local electricians for professional panel upgrade services. A Lon Lockwood technician will evaluate your needs and provide the proper service, whether it be installing a new, more capable panel or simply by adding more dedicated circuits.

Home Surge Protection Services in Macedon

Tiny power surges are happening all the time in our homes. These can be caused by switching on a high-draw appliance, like a microwave or a hair dryer, as well as by stormy weather and other factors. Most of the time a surge doesn’t matter—until it does.

Lon Lockwood installs whole-home surge protection systems to protect your appliances, electrical wiring, and electrical panel from sudden damage caused by inopportune surges.

Professional Electrician in Macedon, NY

As a locally-owned and -operated electrical company in Monroe County, Lon Lockwood Electric has been providing electrical repairs and installations to homeowners for years. Check out our great reviews to see why we are the number choice for electrical services in and around Macedon, NY! Reach out to our team for any need, small or large. We’re always happy to help!

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