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Expert Electricians in Walworth, NY

When searching for an electrician in Walworth, NY, you want experienced, fully trained professionals who are going to do the job right. At Lon Lockwood Electric, we’ve been offering superior electrical service to homeowners in the Wayne County area for years! With our dedication to quality results and our dependable, unmatched workmanship, we’re the expert electricians you can rely on when you need first-class electrical service and solutions.

Our electrical service company in Walworth offers:

Electrical Repairs in Walworth, NY

Electrical issues can be obnoxious at best and dangerous at worst. Whenever you’re experiencing electrical problems at home, you want a professional who can diagnose the issue and provide prompt, safe, and reliable repairs. Lon Lockwood uses the latest techniques and equipment to diagnose and repair all types of electrical problems, whether they impact a single appliance in your home or they’re causing trouble for your entire home.

Dealing with an electrical problem? Don’t hesitate to call Lon Lockwood at (585) 766-4702 or contact us online for prompt electrical repair service! Repair services are available!

Walworth Electrical Installation

Whether you’re installing a new ceiling fan, outdoor security lighting, or even a few simple switches, precision is the key. Electrical systems must be integrated carefully in order to work safely and properly, which is why Lon Lockwood electricians take the time to fully assess your home’s electrical systems before beginning a new electrical installation project. We can ensure your new systems are set up perfectly so that you can depend on them for years to come.

Wiring Upgrade Services in Walworth

If your home’s wiring is outdated, damaged, or simply failing to keep up with your electrical needs, Lon Lockwood can offer home wiring upgrades, as well as comprehensive home rewiring services. Our experienced electricians have extensive experience replacing aluminum wiring, as well as with updating home electrical wiring, to ensure safe, efficient electrical operation. Whether you’re looking to add more dedicated circuits in your home or it’s time to completely rewire your Walworth home, call Lon Lockwood when you want the job done right.

Heavy-Up Panel Upgrades

As you add new appliances and systems to your home, you may need more power. Eventually, that can mean that your electrical panel—the system that governs how much power your homes can draw safely—may fall behind. Lon Lockwood can assess your home’s electrical draw needs and provide panel upgrade service to ensure your home is properly equipped to deal with your electrical needs.

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Services

From outdoor safety and landscape lighting to interior task lighting, recessed lighting, and more, Lon Lockwood is the name to know for home lighting services. We are experts at designing and installing all types of indoor and outdoor lighting systems to ensure you have the quality lighting systems you need in your Walworth home.

Professional Electrician in Walworth, NY

Family-owned and -operated, Lon Lockwood has been providing first-class electrical services to Wayne County homeowners for years. No matter the size or scope of your upcoming project, you can count on our trained electricians for dependable quality and superior results.

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